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We specialize in making your project happen!

North County Consulting provides site development services for both the real estate development industry and the homeowner with big ideas. From raw land analysis to creative infill and adaptive re-use projects, our involvement will set you on the path to achieve great success as you fufill your business plan.
With years of land use planning and entitlements experience, you can rest assured that we will provide your team with the information necessary to make educated decisions about what is best for your project. From preliminary feasibility studies to political lobbying efforts with local and regional government officials, we keep your projects moving smoothly forward throughout the pre-planning, zoning, and permitting phases. Public hearings, neighborhood meetings, and outreach charettes are all services we are proud to offer our clients.

Proper management of the development process is critical to your bottom line.  Using a team of experienced project managers and land use planners can pay for itself several times over when you account for avoidance of common political gaffs and processing delays.  We have successfully negotiated complex projects thru perilous approval processes and challenging political and neighborhood opposition.  Let us lead you through your public outreach, political lobbying efforts, and governmental hearing processes.  You will be impressed by our success!

Typical Tasks

  • Feasibility Studies & Zoning Analysis
  • Land Use Planning
  • Site Design Charettes and Consultation
  • Entitlement Processing
  • Project Management
  • Wireless Site Development
  • Public Outreach Meetings and Charettes
  • Public Agency Hearings
  • Notary Public Services

In the tumultous world of real estate development, we support great projects while establishing lasting relationships that are the cornerstone of our success now and in the future.


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